Welcome to My Solar Pay

September 26, 2018

My Solar Pay helps Australian’s get the most out of solar.

Our aim is to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. By offering all solar owners in Australia to register their existing Solar Systems and be rewarded for their clean energy production with Solar Coin.

So what is SolarCoin?

SolarCoin is a digital currency developed to incentivise and accelerate the global production of solar energy. Its available to both home owners and commercial solar energy producers. SolarCoin can be easily traded for other digital currency’s like bitcoin or exchanged for Australian dollars. 

The SolarCoin Foundation rewards solar energy producers at a rate of 1 SolarCoin (SLR) per 1 Megawatt Hour (MWh) of solar energy produced. SolarCoins can be claimed retroactively back to January 1st, 2010 and can be claimed on an ongoing basis for future production. 

Partnering with the SolarCoin Foundation. We are proud to announce that My Solar Pay is an official affiliate to the  SolarCoin foundation (SLR).

“Allowing SolarCoin to become accessible to all Australians generating solar energy is a great way for environmentally conscious aussies who truly believe that we need to switch to renewables sooner rather than later. Combining a reward that is issued as a digital currency is a way we can reward the transition to clean energy.” Jono Williamson – Founder, My Solar Pay

Joining the My Solar Pay community also means you gain direct access to your very own free, independent solar consultant who can guide you through your transition into a clean energy future without the pushy sales tactics other companies deliver.

My Solar Pay

  • Provide’s existing solar owners an easy way to register for SolarCoin
  • Recommend’s the best energy retailers and tariffs on the market
  • Offer’s independent advice on all solar products
  • Refer’s you to quality solar installers in your area
  • Suggests saving advice tailored to your energy bills

My Solar Pay was created by a group of founders and volunteers working together to educate Australia on extra incentives to switch to renewable energy. Their passions for both solar energy and cryptocurrencies has led them to where they are today. Partnering with the SolarCoin foundation we are excited to announce that now all Australians interested in Solar production can register and claim their free reward for doing their part for the earth.

We aim to deliver SolarCoin to all participating Australians and  become a trusted name for anyone after genuine solar related advice.