Incentives for Property Investors & Landlords


There are now new Incentives for property investors & landlords to earn an extra passive income from their tenants by becoming their energy provider. New businesses are emerging in Australia where landlords can now offer their tenants cheaper electricity by purchasing power directly from the landlords’ solar panels. By installing an added smart box the purchased power form the Solar panels by the tenant can be calculated and a separate invoice to the landlord can be generated.

For Renters

This exciting new incentive gives renters the opportunity to have Solar power, save on rising energy prices and be apart of the trasition to renewable energy. The discounted day time costs could reduce your power bill by $275 per year.


For investors

This allows you to earn an extra income on your property. On a typical new investment property, you could add an extra $25 to your weekly rental income. As well as offering a cheaper alternative daytime rate for your tenants.

This is an exciting time to purchase Solar energy as prices for panels are at and all time low and government rebates still apply. A typical government rebate can be upwards of $4000.

We can provide 3 quotes for installers Australia wide who are now offering this exciting new incentive.