My Solar Pay helps Australian’s register and claim SolarCoin

As an official affiliate of the SolarCoin foundation we are able to process all claims on your behalf. Our simple registration process will only take 10 minutes to complete and if you have any questions, we provide all Australian customer support. My Solar Pay also accommodates commercial as well as domestic solar produces, so their is literally no one we cant help claim SolarCoin. For Solarfarms and other large scale producers we can provide one to one service to ease the claiming process and ensure all the necessary documentation is provided.

My Solar Pay

  • Use our simple 5 stage registration process
  • Join our growing community
  • Trust our secure network
  • Keep updated with the latest SolarCoin news
  • Australian customer support

My Solar Pay was created by a group of founders and volunteers working together to educate Australia on extra incentives to switch to renewable energy. Their passions for both solar energy and cryptocurrencies has led them to where they are today. Partnering with the SolarCoin foundation we are excited to announce that now all Australians interested in Solar production can register and claim their free reward for generating clean energy.